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Friday, July 16, 2010


Friday, May 21, 2010

Go Green - EarthHour

Please save our earth and environment!
This is another new video made by me and hope you all really enjoy it.
"Go Green"?
First picture coming on my mind was BUILDING and ANIMALS.
That's why i decided made a video that relevance to both of these categories.
Anywhere hope you guys really like it and please save our little earth.
Please kindly switch off light when it was not in use OR seldom use plastic or PVC.

Youtube's link:!

Thursday, May 20, 2010


Last post or should I continuously type somethings for sharing? Perhaps and no idea so far. Time flies and turned to 22 year old now. Oh gosh! It's a double digits and I don't want another of it come soon on my life.

On that day, I was surprised and out of my expectation because they invited some of friends even my senior that long time didn't met. If not mistaken, I was the first person to be celebrate for the birthday party and really wanna said thousand thanks to all of my friends who were wishing me and your presents too. Actually I had wrote these on my another blog and even recorded down all of my friends' wishes and gifts but I did it once again on here and thanks to SS's family members also.

Last week, one of my good brother,T.Fei turned to 22 year old also and he was second person after me. I felt quite happy and he finally deserved it because they were always remind my age during my birthday day and play around by them. But now I had the chance to play back. In short, revenge! HaHa!

"Zai" restaurant was the place that we going to celebrate his birthday without his expectation too. When the chocolate banana's cake was coming, first was singing the birthday song and made his wishes, second was I tried to push the light candles as deep as possible and made it look like did not exist at all. Anywhere hope all the best on his future and your dream will come true too.


Heroes - sound familiar isn't? I'm interest on it when my sister recommended it to me and even my last time tuition teacher also discuss about it with us. Each season of Heroes is designed to involve people who discover extraordinary super powers and how these abilities take effect in the character's daily lives. Be honesty, I didn't watch it for every episode but I knew it was an interest drama after watched it.

For the American television series, there are always two side of person, one is angel and another is evil. Angel's role is protect while evil's role is destroy. Smallville was another recommended movie and it's a bit similar to "modern" superman. He just can fly over the sky within few seconds, use his eyes to lase or burn something or even can hear sound from thousand of miles. But I stopped to watch it after it's coming out with many season.

But if I have much of time, I will prefer Heroes series.
So this drama can recommend to you guys too.

Any information that related to Heroes TV series, please click:

Rainy Day

Just back from my marketing class and guess what? Yeah! It's rainy day again. Just like what I've mentioned, rainy day or hot day either one of it can be our day. I felt bored with it and it's totally "contaminated" my car with rain water after I wash my car.

Why the weather is unpredictable nowadays? When you're driving your car prepare back to home, that's not curious that you always hear about flash floods striked Kuala Lumpur once AGAIN. And then the DJ of radio will announced that which area is flooding and which area is traffic jam now. BlaBlaBla...

I really feel sorry to those Salak South's citizen because most of the areas were flooded with rain water heavily. And the cars were stopped at there for few minutes and the citizens were frustrated with it and then try to remove goods to upper places. I wonder is that the weather too bad or Malaysian drainage management too bad. Anywhere just remind you should or must bring umbrella when you're out OR share it with your friends.

Have a nice rainy day.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


The Twilight film series is based off the Twilight books by American author Stephenie Meyer. The books follow the life of Isabella "Bella" Swan who falls in love with 104-year-old vampire named Edward Cullen.Sound cool right for living so long in the world?

The first Twilight film was released in late 2008 and then it was came with Twilight of New Moon and it was released in late 2009. Now it's time for me waiting for the third film, Twilight of Eclipse release on this year of June.

I still remember when I was first time saw this portrait of this movie during 2008, I heard that this movie related to love story and first thing came out on my mind was I would not watch this romantic and loving's movie because it not my style and dead of bored. But I watched it with my friends on another day due to less of options for us on that time. But in fact what I though was wrong, it wasn't as bad as what I though. The important was the vampire, Edward looks damn cool at the beginning of the movie. However, after watched the Twilight of New Moon, Jacob was another guy who admired by a lot of the girls because of his muscular body shape. He can undergoes a transformation that allows him change to a wolf. Therefore the coming soon of this year will show how Jacob competes with Edward for Bella Swan's love. Who win and who lose? No idea so far but I definitely will watch it.

Eclipse Summary of the Book's link:


Sometimes most of my friends are calling me as "YouTube King" because I always stick together with youtube every days. A pop-up idea and force on my mind and enhance me to write about it. What so interest of it make me feel mad with it and why I keep watch on it?

Sometimes as you signed in your facebook and you able watch a lot of video that posted by your friend via youtube website. Have you see a monkey smoking a cigarette while riding a bike? Do you know that you can get any information through youtube? Yeah. It's youtube and I not helping it promoting it's benefit. It's used to be a entertainer when I have nothing to do. It's multitasking such as listen song with mtv, find information, watch something that out of expectation or even funny video.

Think about how many people have become more famous for doing idiotic things and posting them on the Internet than legitimately trained actors and actresses who have based their lives on trying to become famous. It's coming to a point where being famous is as easy as catching a candid moment on tape and not being embarrassed of your boss possibly seeing it.For example, the famous singer,Justin Bieber who is signed as contract singer after noticed via youtube due to his singing talent.

So what are you waiting for?
Just click!
Have a nice day.